NIHardwareService does not start anymore

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My Maschine Jam and Maschine MK1 hardware controllers both do not respond anymore when Maschine 2 is started on my (Windows) PC. I checked the support docs and noticed that the NIHardwareService and NIHostIntegration services need to be Active when Maschine2 is started for the controllers to connect to Maschine 2. However I am able in the Windows task manager to manually restart the NIHostIntegration service, but the NIHardwareService refuses to start at all if the Start option is clicked. I already resinstalled both the Maschine drivers (and the Maschine 2 app), but this does not change it.

Can anyone tell me why I can't start the NIHardwareService anymore and how to resolve this issue to ensure the hardware controllers work again when Maschine 2 is opened?

Thanks in advance

Ronald K.

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