Kontrol S8 - Tick/Metronome is continuously heard through headphones

ief Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Like many, I had an issue with cueing using the Kontrol S8.

I took the controller out after a long spell (usually playing on a Xone 96 with X1mk2s) but did not find an option to update the hardware.

After consulting these discussions I updated the Traktor software itself - now at 3.11.1 17

That solved the cueing problem, but even without any channel selected I now get the metronome 'tick' through my headphones. It persists even without playing any music but will catch up to the master tempo if I play something. I checked every deck to see whether 'tick' was on in the edit options but everything is greyed out.

I'd like to use the S8 as an option on less audio sensitive occasions/audiences but, while it is usable this way, it becomes annoying after even short sessions of mixing.

Any solutions out there?

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