Do i need the Maschine 2 library folder if I no longer have maschine?

muthafunka Member Posts: 32 Helper
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I used to have a Maschine but sold it a while back. Looking in the Shared folder on my Mac I see a 7Gb Maschine 2 Library folder. I have other Komplete items installed but don't have/use Maschine - can I safely delete the Maschine folder and not harm anything else?



  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones Member Posts: 261 Pro

    Can’t see why not, you could always take a copy first. I rename things to see if it causes a problem, so I can switch back if needed

  • muthafunka
    muthafunka Member Posts: 32 Helper

    thanks, yes that's pretty much my standard practice but I just wondered if it was somehow tied into available Kontakt libraries or synth presets etc with having to go through and try everything.

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