Traktor 3 keeps crashing on Mac 2 with Ventura.

Hello there , my traktor keeps stopping and crashing when music is playing. I just bought the version 3.10 of traktor, minutes ago, using it on M2, with a traktor s4. Any help ?


  • Andres Cervilla
    Andres Cervilla Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    Found out that if i run it with no hardware, works fine, if i plug it to the traktor s4 , music stops and goes to the beggining all of a sudden.
  • DJDL
    DJDL Member Posts: 63 Helper

    Sorry to say this is a common problem with Apple Silicon Macs, which remains unsolved as of Traktor Pro 3.11.1.

    I also find that in my specific use case Traktor is most unstable while connected to my S4MK3. That setup results in the program completely quitting suddenly.

    My other Traktor setup involves a 3rd party mixer used as a soundcard alongside an X1. This also crashes, probably less frequently, and it is more of a freeze without sound than a full program stop. The results are the same though, the music stops and you have to restart the program.

    I can do hours of prep work without crashes though, with just an X1 for creating hotcues.

    Sadly, this is the state things are in right now. Try disabling "Load Only Into Stopped Decks", as that might also help a bit to get less frequent crashes - although they will still happen.

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