komplete s series mk3 can't get back from DAW mode?

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Hi there,

I've got the kontrol s88 mk3 keyboard that I'm using with Cubase 13 pro have found that when I hit the DAW button to enter DAW mode I can't then go back to the previous mode where I could navigate either the plugin or browser modes.

Can anyone help me understand what might be missing and why once in DAW mode you can't switch back to the browser to browse instruments or plugin mode to change the settings there?



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    Are you stuck on DAW mode even when on a track with Komplete Kontrol loaded? If you move onto a track without KK loaded and switch to DAW mode you need to move back onto a KK track at which point the Plugin/Browse buttons will light up again. You can switch back to MIDI mode by pushing Shift and the Settings/MIDI button.

    One gotcha with Cubase is that when you're in plugin mode you move between tracks by pushing the 4-way up and down. In DAW mode you have to push it left and right.

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    thanks for your reply

    but I'm afraid its not that simple for me what I say is true

    what you say is true on a working system mine is not I set up a new project 3 tracks all KK all Differnt instruments. if I use the Midi button with the mouse on each instrument they show up in the S88 display but no moving about the tracks changes that display except using the mouse ,I either get stuck in midi mode the controller buttons at the top only display the first instrument and the multifunction knob selects the track etc but does not change the keyboard display and the brows plug in buttons stay off if I minimise Cubase and maximize it then the system is stuck i.e. it crashes only CTRL DEL gets it shut down , I have reinstalled KK and Hardware drivers and connection software but nothing so far has helped , all programs and windows are up to date , not herd back from my ticket to NI and wont until Tuesday/wed its been like this since i got it but its taken this long to work out its actually faulty so your description of how it should work is very helpful, I also uninstalled the Mk 2 drivers I think,


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    I tried it in Cubase 12 and 13, I didn't have much luck in either one. Perhaps Cubase integration is still ongoing? I honestly don't know where NI is with Cubase as I don't use it very often.

    In Cubase 12 I could at least get the last KK instrument loaded to show up on the MK3, but I was unable to switch between KK instances.

    Cubase 13 was kind of a mess. I could add KK instruments but one time I added the second instrument and MIDI stopped responding, couldn't play anything in either KK instrument.

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    That's odd as the only odd thing I get in Cubase is the difference between the "left/right" and "up/down" movement to switch tracks depending what mode you're in. Is it any particular instrument that fails, or does it happen with all of them? I'll try to get some time later and try it with a large track count. Are you on the latest version of Cubase (12.0.70/13.0.21) ?

    I'm using an S61 rather than an S88, not sure if that might make a difference?

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    I'm using an S61 MK3 as well. Granted I'm not super familiar with Cubase, but I would expect it to be similar to Live where clicking on an existing KK instrument will bring up the display on the MK3?

    It definitely does not work like the Mk2 shown in this video. That's what makes me wonder if NI officially supports Cubase with the Mk3?

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    Ah ok, you're changing the track by clicking on it - I'm using the navigation buttons on the S61. I'll see if using the mouse works ok later.

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    I've tried clicking and using "the big knob" to switch tracks. The sound changes instruments in both cases, just not the display.

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    After 3 weeks since the purchase of the S88 I have now got it working as I believe it should have on day 1

    But that is not without issues I.E. the work flow has to be modified to make up for Buggy Software and I could not have achieved this without the help of this forum

    There appears to be no way to complain to NI

    The London Number is always engaged as is the German No I have tried in Vain.

    The email tech support does not do week ends and takes 1 or two days to reply and only with Answers like Send me a video of the problem so we can proceed ? how do you make a video of your PC crashing

    Any way I did that using an old laptop and webcam it took hours ,and they said sorry can you upload to the cloud ? I don't have any cloud accounts on there list Most unhelpful. remember there is a day in between all this and every other email ,they then emailed me to say Bye Bye we have passed your info on to another team , I have yet to hear from them ???. So if in conclusion you want to give NI thousands of Pounds over the years for Buggy software and hardware, the update To Mk3 with another £1000 Plus for the S88 and find you have to buy a PSU and some other USB C cables , all time wasting during witch time my creativity was NIL

    The frustration Level is high The Chance of Purchasing anything else is Low

    What would I Like Well for a start NI sales rep for the UK or there Customer Support Could give Me the Phone Call I requested , As they have no way to accept or deal with a complaint , Can I Snail Mail Head office ??

    I'm sure all those letter get fed to the Boiler to keep themselves Warm , But I may Be wrong Please read this NI and reply you have my details email and phone no,

    I will update this if they read and respond to my snail mail or email or even if they phone me back

    Come on NI do the right thing and sort out my complaint

    and thank you to every body who has red this far you are the only source of help so far so bless you .

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    Quote : "Can I Snail Mail Head office ??"

    This is me 'speaking' from personal experience. If there is an address on a company then you can always try to snail mail what ever company address , in fact I am once again going to snail mail a very well known company one of these days I think because they act extremely poor and especially in customer service (making N.I. shine and look like saints). Question when writing snail mail to a company always is if your snail mail will ever reach the right desk in the company (in huge companies there, at least traditionally, are secretaries , junior executives and what not that will sort and take care of incoming not to waste the time of executives unnecessary) and even if should your snail mail reach the right desk of someone actually in real charge of anything then you still can not be sure that you will actually get any answer anyway , and that is for a number of reasons. Me being 'a self-made IT troubleshooter' as the Moderator list mention says then I myself am a person with rather extreme experience in these matters. But I neither can nor will share personal experiences here nor will I advice you in any details neither here nor in private.

    Your frustration is very understandable when you have bought something that do not work as expected out of the box. But the only thing I can really advice you to do here is to check if Jeremy_NI (N.I. Employee forum customer care person) have something to add or advice when he comes back the 26th of February or there about , so try tagging Jeremy_NI at that date in a polite message ! Please notice though that Jeremy_NI is going to be absolutely swamped in work when returning since he has been gone for some weeks !

    I do not work for Native Instruments and any opinions expressed and advice given is my own personal opinions and advice !

    Best wishes !

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    Thanks for the useful advice and I am retired now but when working I was also an IT trouble shooter owning my own company and I got work because of our customer service . Back then google was useful then it became great now it is swamped with diss info and ads but the info is still there it can sometimes just take day of searching to find the right nugget, and to make my ramble clearer I only want to get NI,s attention in order to improve the situation . If they cut the gloss tell the truth organise and update the info and respond quicker, then they could save money grow there customer base and bring prices down for you and me, But I don't know if we will ever get to Nirvana. But talking to customers is surely the first step far better than take it or leave it apparent arrogance , May be a dissection on this matter with NI support to produce a user experienced feature list NI could consider including in there future business plan make the discussion open and transparent to all , We the customers have a voice let us be heard and understood


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    Yeah , 'I hear you' , it can be so frustrating to be in the 'receiving end' of stuff and feeling that you got some really good constructive feedback to give that could make things a lot better for all of us ! I doubt very much that your feedback would find it's way to anybody N.I. per snail mail , but I could be wrong who knows for sure ? certainly not I !

    However in my experience then the best way to get in contact with people from N.I. is by participating in the discussions that are sometimes taking place when announcing some things or as invitations to regular discussions on topics. Also , more N.I. employees are attending the forum regularly , but these are busy people and even if and when they want to say or do something then they can not always because of e.g Non Disclosure Agreements not only to N.I. but also because of /if working with external companies ! But there are more people to do with N.I: Product Management that are participating in this forum. So I personally think that these people actually care about the products that they are making ! When , if you spot them then you of course could try to contact the person in a PM but both again these are very busy people and also I would be extremely presumptuous if I thought it my place to put them to work by telling other people to write them PMs !

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    @Brianalipa How did you get it working? What was the problem in the end ?

  • Brianalipa
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    Thanks and I hear you my son is a software developer for a Bank and I know the speed he is able to work at and the restrictions on who he can talk to so yes it is a slow process but a reliable and working one . at our end we know nothing !!! of the working conditions, work load, individual knowledge, or even how many people are doing the customer support so its easy to think there is not enough of them or there training level for you're particular type of problem that's why the forum works better .

    and thanks mykejb

    Its hard to say exactly as I did not document what I did as I went

    But I think I came down to two or three things that had to be right at the same time and a bit of learned knowlage

    and its a big one

    If you crash the system and recover using CTRL DEL your system is still unstable and its not obvious

    you must do a complete reboot back in to windows each time you change something

    The Terminology I.E. Komplete, Komplete Control, Komplete S, Kontak are very easy to mix up and I am Dyslexic which really slows that process down for Me.

    RTFM over and over till something jumps out at you Both Kontrol S series and Komplete Kontrol and yes all 82 and 85 Pages

    Ask for help on Forum it may not be the answer but its something to try which might get you out of the Fail Fail Rut.

    remember the youtube stuff is not a tutorial its an advert as it shows you some thing that work

    then move the goal posts and show you something else , and they miss out a lot of important detail explaining the video would be to long .

    check for updates mine started working shortly after an update to a session strings pro ? plus a reboot

    so maybe something I did earlier May have fixed the problems ?

    Are All the drivers in both places in Cubase The Correct ones

    work with one problem at a time ,

    Got Kontakt working then went on to get

    Komplete kontrol working

    I also thought that the Keyboard update may have been corrupted but that proved not to be the case

    Also installed a new USB C board in my system bought new cables No change there

    Disconnected Machine mk2

    Reloaded Kontakt7,KK,Drivers

    But the thing that may have fixed it all was to use a 3 amp 5 V usb Power supply I took from My Raspberry PI 4 Dev System

    Using 2 usb C from My newly fitted board hub shows power OK but but I think it may have been marginal

    any way Its now stable and working

    Except that if you want the keyboard views in KK to work you have to go to the edit window and press the Spanner key twice then come out of that mode

    and KK does what it says on the tin

    I feel the whole thing is a bit flaky but hopefully future updates will sort that

    Sorry I cant be more precise or give you a shorter answer.

    Describing and documenting a problem is hard and time consuming to get it write

    and may take a special skill set I May not possess

    and if you think all of this is a Pain in the ---- then join the club


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    I now have another person from NI support wanting me to send him a video but I told him I have managed to fix this on my own and his help on this is a bit late

    I did ask him for further help on the KK problem so i post a copy here for the info of all and will post the fix if i get one

    The above problems have mostly been fixed by my self while waiting for a reply, 

    But I still have an issue with Komplete Kontrol  

    both stand alone and in Cubase 13 pro 

    when you open an NI or other  KK instrument i.e. Lores and go to edit view

    the keyboard on screen remains white and does not register any keypresses ,if you press the spanner button twice the keyboard works and you see the colours on the s88 and the computer screen , 

    this is not true for all instruments

    Choir omnia doesn't respond no matter what so some work some don't .

    also if you open KK and Kontact as stand alone on the desk top at the same time the keys show up and work on one  and it plays the sound out of the other instrument 

    you cannot swap between these the mouse keyboard works ok but the S88 is confused.

    so what is the answer ?

    I await a response


  • Brianalipa
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    P.S. is there an official list of fully compliant NKS2 instruments, as this might be part of the issue

    also a list of the ones waiting to be fixed with some sort of time scale ?? that would be a kindness to your grateful customers


    PS I hope NI do read this

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