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Hi all,
Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction please.
I'm not new to soft synths and know my way around said like Halion etc but haven't used Reaktor to a great degree. I'm looking at using something like Modus or Chromaphone to use as an Excitor, but was wanting to ask if there was a block or a way of setting this up in Reaktor? Many thanks Jon


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    There are probably a whole bunch of different physical modelling ensembles in the User Library, Chet Singer has made some really nice ones.

    And of course there is Steam Pipe in the Factory Library.

    You probably won't get anything exactly the same as some specific modern specialist VSTi.

    Just to be clear an exciter is just part of a physical model, often just a short burst of noise, maybe with and envelope and some filtering. Usually it 'excites' some physically modelled resonator - e.g. a string model or a skin model or a pipe model...

    I'm assuming (?) that you are looking for a ready to go physical modelling solution.

    If you want to roll your own, it's not so bad if you have time to do some research. There are lots of academic papers on the subject, and it's possible to get some decent results without having to understand all the deeper maths involved.

    It's even possible to do some physical modelling (kinda) using the factory Blocks. There was a thread on the old forum, where a few of us posted some Blocks patches. The results were interesting :). Not classic accurately models of acoustic instruments, but definitely something like the same qualities, but with morphing and modulations etc.

    ...found it on

    Probably Steampipe and Chet's UL page would be more fruitful though ;)

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    That's brilliant colB, lots to get my teeth into. Much appreciated, Jon
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