Session Guitar 2

Peter Bengelmann
Peter Bengelmann Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
I bought this great guitar. The sound is incomparably good. Lots of great options. I need the guitar primarily for finished midi files. In the older midifiles, for example, a rhythm guitar with keyboard is recorded. This is often really bad both in terms of rhythm and sound (but that was just the way it was back then). Edit my midi files in my DAW. I can use the great guitar wonderfully as a plugin. Now (thanks to my poor English) I didn't understand exactly how to use the guitar. The guitar that has already been played in controls the “great new” guitar in midi mode. But the result is a “wild mess”. What exactly do I have to change or remove from the midi file on the guitar so that I only hear the great rhythm of your guitar? Hopefully someone can help me!? Unfortunately, there are only explanations on YouTube on how to build a "new" rhythm guitar. And then in English!? Thank you in advance and musical greetings Peter Bengelmann


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