All my Komplete 14 Standard Instruments + Komplete Kontrol disappeared from library

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Hi NI community

I have an issue with my new KK S61 MK3 incl. Komplete 14 upgrade. I just built up a new workstation from scratch. I decided to get the S61 as a Midi Controller. I installed Native Access to register my products and add them to the library. At first it worked fine, and all the new Programs were added to my Native Access library. I installed Massive X, and restarted my Mac after the installation was successful. Mac rebooted, i started Native Access, but all instruments are now gone and library just shows up 4 programs (Controller Editor, Kontakt 6 & 7 and Reaktor 6. Everything else is gone and isn't displayed anymore. Then i checked my online account on NI website, and there also i can't find nothing. This is absolute strange, as it was 100% registered at my e-mail account i used, and as it's the only one i have. I also now get all the first steps e-mails with Kontrol and Komplete 14 mails to this mail incl. the vouchers keys and Plug In Alliance Bundle Key. But still, when i log in with this e-mail to my Native Access account, the purchased products don't show up.

Already tried to delete Native Access.xml and restart, also the delete of the activation tokens did not worked out.

Thanks in advance

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