PHONO/LINE not supported on S4 MK3

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hello to all I have a traktor S4 mk3 which works great so far. since I changed computer (same operating system but more powerful processor) the possibility of connecting vinyl turntables in RCA with line phono has disappeared. In the traktor pro 3 parameters, the phono line input tab there is a note not supported for what reason? although its working fine so far. thank you so much


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    please ask in English next time.

    It should be the same as on the old computer, have you installed all drivers and set up the asio driver correctly? You could also try to open options and on the button you can start the installation wizard. You then can select your setup and all settings will be made as you need them.


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    @Kakozolive Edited your post so it's in english and everyone can join in 🙌

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