Delayed response when pushing button on S4mk3

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Hi guys,

I have the issue that my Traktor Kontrol S4Mk3 has a huge delay when I press e.g. a filter button. by that I mean that it takes about 2-3 seconds after I pushed the filter button or any other button until it responds (starts to illuminate). I do not have any audio problems. For example, if I press the headphone button I immediately hear it but the button itself is lagging. The problem is the hardware itself.

Can anyone help what the issue might be?


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    This should be in the Traktor section.

    The computer is the problem, not the controller. If you push buttons and things happen straight away and in time but the LED Output is lagging behind then Traktor has prioritized audio processing before visual feedback on the back of limited resources. Your computer hardware needs more processing power allocated to the DJ software and all used drivers/interfaces. Try to reduce the load by killing processes you don't need.

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