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I see a lot of messages in the forum about people having issues with Logic. But I've only seen one or two posts about Ableton Live, and probably a handful for Cubase.

I've been wanting to try Logic, but my question is why are there more posts about Logic issues than other DAW's? Is it just more popular ie larger user base so there are more people that post about it, or does it really have that many issues?

Do Native Instrument users really just not use Ableton Live or Cubase?

I'm not really tied to any DAW yet as I mostly play for fun, but I've been wanting to learn a DAW and I'm still undecided.


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    i've noticed that too... the amount of people having issues on logic!

    i don't know if you've seen this video in relation to DAW use and the CPU usage per DAW, now while the guy who does this comparison is a Reaper user, he does highlight a significant issue in relation to....

    Efficiency cores vs Performance cores, and the matter of how streamlined DAW's are...

    naturally the more options built-in to the DAW the bigger the package..

    i consider this video very valid if using a M1 m2 m3 macs

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    Logic is the most popular DAW on Mac platform. Nothing wrong in using others. Best to download demo of each and see which one feels the best.

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    I use logic .I started out with Garage Band .I wanted to go bigger.For $199 Graduating fromm GB to LPX was a good choice.I have LPX on 4 computers .Plug-ins i have Omnisphere Kontakt 7Full. Honestly i can say no problems. I just bought my latest imac( #4) had no problems. Midi keyboard hook up went smooth Focusrite inter face easily recognized .Downloading Logic and Kontakt 6 to7 hrs

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    I use Logic from time to time but mainly for a couple of the built in instruments, when I'm using Komplete Kontrol it's pretty much always in Bitwig because it has the best integration with KK and NI stuff generally and the least amount of bugs and complications with stuff not working properly.

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    I've heard good things about Bitwig... wasn't it created by people that left another big DAW? I think they left Live or Cubase?

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    Re: the number of Logic problem reports – the only thing you can conclude from that is that a higher number of people who a) use Logic, b) use NI, and c) have problems, are posting about it. That could mean any one (or combination) of:

    • More NI users use Logic
    • More NI users complain about Logic
    • Logic is less reliable

    IMO the only fair conclusion you can make is that there are more posts complaining about Logic. The why is not something for which we have data.

    Happy users who rarely if ever have problems don't tend to post about it. This artificially amplifies the complaints. If 50 people complain about Logic being unstable, it sounds like a lot. But how many forum users use Logic and are happy with it?

    I see people in other forums saying Ableton should not be releasing Live 12 until they fix the buggy unstable mess that is Live 11. I saw the same about Live 10. I've owned it since Live 9? None of them have been particularly unstable for me. On the whole they've all been about equally stable, more than enough to make music. I have occasional crashes with Live. I send a crash report to Ableton and get on with my day. If a plugin is regularly crashing Live, I send the crash report and stop using the plugin. I've never once gone on to post about it on a forum.

    Re: the video. It is interesting, and some of the conclusions seem reasonable. Others are based on faulty methodology. He is not comparing like for like, having chosen the top end M1 Pro and low end M2 Pro/M3 Pro. This is particularly relevant to the M1 Pro/M2 Pro comparison, where I would completely disregard his conclusions. The only thing I would take away from the video is that some DAWs make better use of the efficiency cores (I can confirm Live apparently does not use them much, if at all). So choose a chip with a better ratio of performance to efficiency. Which, imo, you should be doing even if your DAW makes full use of the efficiency cores.

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    To be honest, the well known DAWs are all good, although depending on what you are doing, some may be better off or not so good for your situation.

    I use Studio One and really like it, I used Cubase for many years and liked that too. I also used Reaper for a while, it’s very cheap and works, but for me it simply didn’t gel. Yet many many people love it.

    It’s a bit like cars. You might enjoy driving one car, I might hate it, but both my and your cars are effectively the same, they get us from A to B.

    So really it’s down to personal preference. You could ask 10,000 people and most would simply recommend what they themselves get on with, and tell you to avoid ones they didn’t.

    I think most if not all have demo versions, try one, stay with it for the whole demo period (unless you hate it), then try another. Then you will soon learn what features you need/miss/want etc.

    What swayed me to try Studio One was a) it was written by some of the original Cubase guys and b) the amount of really helpful YouTube vids I stumbled on, was just about to buy Cubase again after a couple of years of reaper (had money problems a few years ago, hence had to sell everything I could, including Cubase, now all sorted thankfully) , but I dare say if I’d looked, the others would all have tons too.

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    Apple customers, to put it nicely, are used to having thing work when button pressed. I am not even kidding a little bit.

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    Amen to that. Also there is a big difference in how people use their DAWs. There are many professionals using some DAWs with only the stock plugins plus a handful of their favourites, and there is much less chance of issues in such a scenario as opposed to someone who has hundreds, if not thousands of plugins, from countless different sources and time periods

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    I’m not sure why this would be a bad thing, really? 😜

    You are not wrong, though. Instead Of micro-managing my computer and DAW, I’d rather make some music 👍

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