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Salcedito Member Posts: 26 Member

Hi! I am going to use my Maschine MK3 live for the first time, I intend to use it for different songs and i need to load a song after another really fast, so is there a different way to do it or is it the only way? Thank you!



  • Peter Harris
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    This will probably be very helpful for you though it applies more specifically to the Plus.


  • Salcedito
    Salcedito Member Posts: 26 Member

    thanks, it kinda answers it but not too clearly. So is there a way to load different songs into one project? would i be able to play/modify sounds in every song? could the songs be different tempos?


  • D-One
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    If hosted in a DAW you can have multiple Maschine-Plug instances.

    Or, if you're in MacOS you can just duplicate the Machine app, the 2nd one needs a different name, then you can just use the controller Shift+Plugin combo to switch between the 2 apps, you would need to juggle the 2 apps to load projects.. Wich takes some practice and planning.

  • Salcedito
    Salcedito Member Posts: 26 Member

    Thanks! i didn't know you could have multiple instances of Maschine...I will definitely try it

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