How long does it take to download LORES?

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Can I just ask- how long does it take other users to download Lores through Native Access- and how long should it take ? Im on a pretty powerful PC Win 10 - nothings ever been problematic before ( and i buy everything, believe me!!!) but seriously 17 hours remaining !!!! and that's day 2 I was forced to stop installation yesterday after 13 hours, hoping it would pick up from where it left off- but no its started from scratch- another 17 hours !!!!!!!!


  • Matt_NI
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    Lores is quite heavy but it should definitely not that long if you have fast internet. How fast is your internet generally?

    I'm linking this article here as it might help you try a few things to get this sorted:

  • Flydoggy
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    I am also seeing slow download speed for Lores. I downloaded Ashlight and a bunch of other stuff very quickly. However, Lores has timed out a few times. I am also on day 2 with another 7 hours to go (he states prayerfully). That referenced article has all of the obvious solutions, but doesn't help my case. I have a good PC and good internet connectivity, and, like I said, Ashlight, which is also a heavy-hitter, downloaded and installed fairly quickly. Something is not right with the Lores server.

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    Ashlight is far from being a "heavy hitter" at 3 GB size. Lores is 72 GB. Pretty big difference, literally 24 times the size!

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