Genre empty but showing 4000 tracks

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Last gig i had a problem that 1 of my genres appears to be empty. The genre counts approx 4000 tracks as showed behind the genre. However selecting the genre shows no tracks in the browser. After Traktor restart the contents appear again.

Traktor version 3.5.3 (Windows 11 - Pioneer DDJ-SZ controller)



  • Karlos Santos
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    Were you looking in the Genre folder in the Browser Tree or searching in the Search function?

    If you were in the Search function it is more likely that you performed a search after which the search field was set to one criteria such as Artist.

    If Traktor was ok after restarting it's likely that the search function was returned to All criteria.

    If it happens again please take a screen grab of the Genre tree/folders and we can look at problem again.


  • DJ-Andre
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    I checked the search function as i thought the same. But i was in the browser tree. The search field was empty.

  • DJ-Andre
    DJ-Andre Member Posts: 36 Helper
    edited May 2022

    Had the same problem a second time last weekend. The search field is empty (also no spaces), genre contents shows no tracks while 4000+ tracks are in there. Pressing the X in the searchfield restores the situation and the tracks become visible again.

    Looks like a hidden character in the search field?

    Never had this in =< v3.5.2

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Ryan_NI Do you know what might be the issue here? 🤔

  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey @DJ-Andre - As @Karlos Santos had asked, could you some screenshots of the genre tree/folders so we could take a closer look? thanks!

  • DJ-Andre
    DJ-Andre Member Posts: 36 Helper

    Hi @Ryan_NI, once the problem occurs i will make some screenshots.

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