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Wilmar Boer
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I like the way the plugin structure is setup in Maschine. Insert a plugin and next to it comes a + icon to add another. I really would wish something like that could be implemented for adding AUX bussen. No restriction to two busses. But assign AUX 1 and only then the second AUX appears as unassigned and so on. The way I work group 1-6 are mostly used for synths (both plugin and MIDI) and drum-groups. Group 7 gets loaded with 8 audio and sample plugins for what I want to add by recording external sources. And Group 8 is my FX group.

Another solution would be to simply being able to switch a group to 'FX Group', or 'Audio Group'. And that way lose the regular pattern setup in that group but have automatically 8 AUXes assigned to all mixer channels and 8 audio plugins inserted.

Would n't this be great?


  • Murat Kayi
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    I would love infinte aux channels, but the pattern setup is crucial for send FX groups as it allows saving different automation patterns for FX. Check some of the FX groups that come with the Maschine factory library (Dub FX, e.g.)

  • microw
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    AUX BUS, yes ! 👍

  • Olihop
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    Very good idea of implementation.

    Also it would be nice to be able to manage sends to aux directly from the plugin view or the mixer view instead of going through the channel button systematically which I find very annoying. Really need something more harmonious for aux management.

    Having a visual feedback on the screen in the plugin view or mixer view to tell us that a send fx is assigned to the sound or group would be nice.

  • afrogrit
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    Been banging my head asking myself Is it possible to have more than 2 aux sends in a group? @Jeremy_NI @Kaiwan_NI @Nicki_NI why is this not in Maschine?

  • Murat Kayi
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    There is a workaround:

    Send your group's sound to another sound in a different group. Use the sound's aux sends to multiply. Do that twice more within that same group and you have 8 signal paths which you can send where ever you need to

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