Maschine MK3 - other uses than drums/beats...?

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If you really aren't looking to use the Maschine MK3 for drums/beats...

What other useful uses are there...?



  • basehead617
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    Strange question - I use it for everything...?

    It has a piano roll, you can play and edit keyboard/bass parts on it can have any polyphonic VST instrument in a sound slot, not just a sample..

  • G.B.
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    Yeah... this is ALL new to me... coming from Synths...

    Trying to figure it all out :)

  • djadidai
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    It’s a learning curve, but maschine is far from only a groove box. It’s everything!!! It’s easier for me to create Melodie’s and chords on the pads bcs I’m a drummer and think drumming. Connect a midi keyboard if you’re a keyboard thinker and whoop there it is. You can do everything on a maschine, it’s pretty limitless and easy to work on, everything is at your fingertips and many functions and features are a button or a shift+ combo away, not further. Get a hang of patterns/scenes and master/group/sound quickly and from there it’ll be like a waterfall.

  • tetsuneko
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    I use my Maschine+ as a MIDI sequencer, aside from the few shortcomings (no CC automation editor, no sysex etc) and the quirky workaround for storing program changes within lock states, Maschine is a great bread & butter MIDI sequencer. I adore the legato pattern/scene switching, it's seamless, and also like that each group can have an independent lenght. No stupid pattern lenght limitations either, and unlimited groups/patterns/scenes, such a thing is actually rare in today's MIDI sequencer landscape.

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