How do I get Maschine Groups/Instruments to be playable on my new A61 Keyboard?

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I just added the A61 to my NI setup with Maschine. For some reason, when I load an instrument up into a Group, it will not play across the A61 keys. It only plays one note, C2. On the A61, I have learned the Shift>Key Mode function, but that doesn't do the trick, it only turns on/off that one C2 note playability. I've gone through the Channel settings in every which way I can think to and still cannot get it to function.

In Maschine Preferences, I do have all the right checkboxes checked for controllers, the Maschine and KK A61.

Please help, somebody. I will pay someone to walk me through what I'm doing wrong, gladly. Otherwise, I will return this A61 while I can. It's that frustrating. I got the A61, mainly so I can learn to actually play keys better and this nonsense makes it all pointless.

Thanks, and Happy Easter weekend!


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    It depends on which instrument you loading. For instance loading Gentlemen should play the entire keyboard but loading complex instruments like Session guitarist - the keyboard is mapped into 1) Articulation 2)Endings 3) patterns etc, then a playable part.

    Also only kits can be loaded to a group. you need to load. instruments into a sound within a group

    that's my 2 cents and hope it helps

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