Maschine 2.0: problems loading samples (2022-04)

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So I ran into this bug yesterday and after 2 hours of trying to fix it, it really drove me bonkers.

I have downloaded the Gold Baby - Blofeld Drums free sample pack and the bassdrums seem to have either meta-tags, or Machine is trying to be smart with it. (I am using the samples pure, not via a mixgrp or anything. -

The problem is that loading 'some' samples just erases (or doesn't set the full sample zone and the volume gets zet to zero! In prehear it is audible, but once loaded to a pad, zone and volume are messed up!

Additional, other samples like claves, hihats and such from the same pack, don't mess with the zone and volume and work like they should.

Anyone know how to fix it? I'm not going to re-set these anytime I use the sample.

I found earlier posts who encountered the same problem, even mentioning it being solved, well.. not quite yet!



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    I used a free Audio converter to re-convert the samples to wav again and it got rid of the velocity, zone and root note problems but kept the tags. Seems like the easiest fix, I used this one, free but for Mac, there should be plenty of those for windows for free too.

    The files have metadata on them, both RIFF and another chunk at the end, this extra one idk what it is, maybe Kontakt metadata? Not sure but NI's name shows up there:

    Whatever the metadata data is it's old, maybe outdated NI tags or something, files are from 2014.

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