Reaktor on M1?

adamskyyy Member Posts: 3 Sine

Hi, I can't launch Reaktor on M1 Monterey. No problem with Kontakt but Reaktor doesn't show in Ableton. I can run Reaktor but only as a standalone. Someone can help me?



  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,518 Pulse

    Kontakt is native Apple Silicon, Reaktor is not. Do you run Reaktor using Rosetta?

  • adamskyyy
    adamskyyy Member Posts: 3 Sine

    As I can see in my activity monitor Reaktor runs on rosetta but only as standalone. Still can't find Reaktor in Ableton window (only Massive and Kontakt from Native Instruments)...

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,518 Pulse

    I am not on Mac and Ableton, so do not know....

    Maybe, check the list of folders scanned by Ableton. Reaktor may be in another folder than the rest. Also what type of plugins Ableton searches? For example Kontakt is VST3 and VST2, while Reaktor only VST2, I think.

  • adamskyyy
    adamskyyy Member Posts: 3 Sine
    edited April 2022

    I checked and Reaktor plugin is on good folder place so:


    Checked set up in Ableton and everything should be fine :(....

  • m9dfukc
    m9dfukc Member Posts: 4 Sine

    I don't have a M1 but to my knowledge you have to use the Audio Unit version of Reaktor if you wanna have it run trough Rosetta

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 321 Saw

    Probably just have to tell your daw where the Reaktor vst plugin is.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 1,719 admin

    Hi @adamskyyy Reaktor 6 is not fully supported on Mac OS Monterey yet so unfortunately it won't work as intended. 😕

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