Super High CPU when resizing Pattern Editor Window - caused by long waveforms redraw?

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Specs: MK3 on Win 10 / 11th gen i5 / 16gb RAM using Maschine as standalone program. Internet off, antivirus off, all steps in NI guide to optimization gone through. Latmon displays no issues. Buffer set to 1048ms

I am just preparing several projects for live performance

In order to cut down on CPU, I (as recommended) rendered tracks to audio to save on CPU usage by plugins, vsts etc.

So now I have a project which is around 5-6 minutes long with various long renders of audio as you can see below:

CPU is is now at around 20%

However, when I resize or move the pattern display window (see arrow), I get massive spikes of CPU in both Maschine and task manager - often around 100%

This then in turn causes stutters and breaking up of audio.

I believe its related to the redrawing of the waveforms in the pattern display, which get bigger and smaller as you change the focus size of the window

If I go into my 'marker' track - which just displays empty MIDI notes as time markers (see below), the issue disappears:

Is this a problem that other people have encountered?

It seems ironic that when you go through all the steps (rendering audio etc) to reduce CPU, then you encounter another CPU issue because Maschine can't cope with redrawing a waveform

I note that in, say, Adobe Audition, when I resize a waveform, there is no CPU issue - so it must be a Maschine issue rather than a general one related to my laptop.

Slightly losing my patience with Maschine at the moment - especially as I have spent 100s of hours working on it.



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    You forgot to include your Maschine software version in your info. Did you update to 2.15 or are you still running 2.14?

    If you're on 2.15, try downgrading to 2.14.7 to see if it fixes your issues.

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    I'm on 2.14.7 

    I've uploaded a screen capture of the issue to gdrive at

    Resize or move the transport quick or slow - always massive CPU

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    I recommend you contact NI support about this. @Matt_NI can you help?

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    @Matt_NI, do I raise a ticket or is it best handled via the forum?

    I've just tried disabling all remaining plugins, but still the same issue

    As another experiment, I loaded another song into the same project as a group - so I had 2 songs/groups playing at the same time

    When I selected the group with the long waveforms - stuttering as before when I moved the window resize

    When I selected the other group without long waveforms - no issues

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    Possible (fingers crossed!) solution

    I removed Bluecat Patchworks vst which had HY Sequencer and Diva loaded into it.

    Luckily, its easy to grab the midi from HYsequencer and place it into new channel and load diva natively into that

    The scrolling stuttering and CPU spikes now appears to have gone

    For the life of me I cant understand the connection -

    Patchworks was running in the original pre render version of the project with no issues

    But when loaded onto a project with long audio waveforms it caused the stuttering I have demonstrated

    It does not really make sense, so maybe it was something else

    I will continue to monitor and get back if it recurs

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