Mac M1 Nightmare

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In short. Got a Mac Studio for $3k and a Kontrol s49 for $800 and are apparently, completely useless. Spent 4 days solid trying everything I could get my hands on to get it to stop crashing my Logic Pro. Including reinstalling everything three times, and reformatting my Mac Studio. I even called Apple for help but they say it's NI's issue to deal with.

Here is my issue:

I load a sound. Analog Dreams for instance... Loads fine... plays fine... But if I want to change the sound by closing the "X" in the player.... CRASH! Logic Pro instantly crashes and closes.

When I say I spent 4 days on this, I mean I woke up at 5 am and continued to research and try everything possible until around 8 pm when I could no longer stand looking at my computer.

I've spent a lot of money with NI, maybe not as much as professionals but quite enough for me.

Did I spend all this time and money for nothing? Do I just give up on music? Do I have to buy ANOTHER computer?

Signed, desperately seeking help



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