Possible reasons for freezing of decks on S4 MK2

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Well, I guess it happened to everyone at some point. It did happen to me on the weekend when DJ-ing in a beach bar in front of 100 people. All of a sudden the music stopped and I had to press play again on deck A. Meanwhile deck B loading button started flashing and when you press PLAY the track wouldn't play. In fact the whole right side would not respond. I was still able to load track into deck B and scratch but that's about it. The jog wheel looks ok. So I continue playing on deck A and C as B and respectfully D were done. After I finished, I restarted the Traktor and everything went back to normal. So, possible causes?

My setup is Traktor Pro 3 latest version, Macbook Pro M1 max chip and macOS Monterey 12.2.1

I was connected to a small amplifier that connects the speakers.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this was answered before.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @rewind that sounds hella stressful. 😓 Does it only happen after the 3.5.3 update that addresses the M1 Max compatibility?

    Looping @Ryan_NI in as well just in case.

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