Suddenly different keymapping on my new Komplete Kontrol M32

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Hello everyone,

first of, im a Beginner when it comes to Music Hardware, but when my M32 arrived last week it was pretty intuitive. I got it working with FL Studio and had fun playing arround.

But the fun didnt last, because since Sunday all the keys seem to have lost or switched their functions. I dont know if i entered some sort of mode on accident, i didnt find anything about different mappings on it, but i also dont know exactly what to search for.

Since i also turned on accessability voice over (by pressing the last and the 4th white keypad key from the right?!), i can tell which key now has which function. When i start Komplete Kontrol Standalone, i can choose my instruments fine, but i made a little graphic here which buttons also have secondary functions:

Now my question is if this is a hardware problem, or if i screwed something up by a magical key combination? I already tried to un- and reinstall all of the drivers, native access, komplete kontrol etc, that didnt do the trick. A fresh install on another Computer also didnt help it has the same behaviour there aswell. I just want it to work the way it did out of the box...

Thanks for any advice!

Edit: Forgot to mention, the Keypad plays sounds fine, also registers velocity. Some keys just have the functions mentioned above in addition to playing their note (like changing the octave).



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