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Hey, I seem to have an issue loading from browser. For example - I go to Browser, highlight Drumlab, highlight 53rd Ave, hit load, the screens say loading then revert back to Drumlab browsing screen? Nothing loads no mater what I choose?

The only thing I can think is that I installed 'Maschine 2 Factory Selection' the other day & since have found out you shouldn't if you have the full library already (god knows why this was an option if you shouldn't). I can't see anyway to delete this, it's there saying 'repair' in Native Access.




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    Native Access is only for installing software, not removing. If you want to de-install things then you'll need to use whatever your operating system provides to do so. For example, on Windows 10 you'd go to Start => Settings => Apps and there you'd find the library to remove. Having both libraries installed won't cause problems, but it will be a waste of space.

    As for your issue... can't really answer that because you're a bit vague there. You say browser but what section are you looking in? I assume the library, but then what... groups, sounds, loops?

    Anyway, for drumlab you'd normally select the "Drumlab" instrument first, then it would list the presets after which you can doubleclick one after which it'll load the VST and assign the preset to the first available pad.

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