Do I Need Arturia V Collection if I Have Komplete 12 ultimate?

Anthony Colando
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I currently have NI Komplete 12 ultimate. Im trying to recreate a lot of the vintage 80's synth sounds like the Jupiter 4 and 8. Juno etc. Can all this be accomplished within komplete and retro machines etc? or would I get a lot more out of the arturia V collection?



  • Kubrak
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    I do not have V Collection, so do not know, how good it is. But I expect it will be closer to those vintage synths than NI.

    So, if it is worth buying for you heavily depends on what exactly you need. Look at NI instruments and if it will do for you, no need for V Collection. (They have discounts, so if you miss this one, there will be another sooner or later....)

    Also, there are many Reaktor ensembles simulating vintage synths. So, you may have many of them for free. Just dive into Reaktor User Library on NI pages.

  •  helenmartiz
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    I don't know about the need to buy such expensive tools to recreate the sounds, it would be better for you to use to send your audio file, and then it will be converted into text format. Sometimes it's better to transcribe songs, sounds, to better understand what it's about.

  • Mystic38
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    no you dont NEED the V collection.. but then again, we don't NEED 10% of Komplete either.. so theres

    another thought, if your focus is classic Roland sounds in particular then why not Zenology Pro from Roland?.. their models of their own gear are outstanding.. and would give a massive collection of the legendary romplers & drum machines to boot...

  • Lowkus
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    I really enjoy the V collection, their synths have a great sound quality. Two things are not great about it though, I don't particularly like the preset management in their VST's. Also, one of the synths (CS-80 V3) has a bug that I reported to Arturia several years ago and they still haven't fixed it, basically if a preset in that synth uses "Tempo Sync Delay" it'll make a repetitive clicking sound while notes are playing, and in my mind that is significant enough that I think they should have fixed it by now. But those problems are not so bad compared to the overall value in the V Collection, I'd definitely buy it if I didn't already own it.

  • Scaper7
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    try Zenology Pro

    i own NI Komplete and Arturia V-collection ... V-collection is a great synth collection

    lately i've been using Zenology Pro and really enjoying it ... huge library of great Roland sound ... if you want those particular instruments maybe look at a Roland Cloud subscription too ... the Roland ecosystem is alive and well

  • BIF
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    So I'm going to take my advice into a contrarian direction:

    Buy whichever one you can budget for WITHOUT GOING INTO DEBT. Charging to a credit card counts as going into debt. Charging to a bank account or bank debit card would be NOT going into debt, but only if it doesn't force you to whip out the credit card in order to buy groceries or pay for utilities later this month.

    If you can buy both, great; do that. If you can afford only one, then I would recommend Komplete because it has (maybe) more sounds, and more diverse sounds. But V-Collection is amazing too. Even if you need to get the lower cost Komplete packs in order to be able to budget yourself for the month, then do THAT. Then save your money for an upgraded version of Komplete, or V-Collection. But also keep an eye open for other superb libraries, such as those from Heavyocity, Izotope, and one of my favorites, Sonic Couture.

    Never go into debt for this music stuff. It hurts your long-term ability to be financially successful. When you're not in debt, you can actually live very cheaply. Well, assuming that all the people you live with don't act like they have unfettered access to your family's funds.

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