Problem installing Symphonic Choirs library

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I purchased Symphonic Choirs many years ago. I now have a new DAW machine and I need to add this library to Kontakt 6.7.1. Native Access showd that I have Symphonic Choirs installed (I added the serial number in NA). In Kontakt, if I go to Manage Libraries, I'm told to launch Native Access to install the library.

I go to Native Access, but there is no option to install it as a library.

I've tried loading the nki files directly, but when I do that, it shows they are in DEMO mode.

What can I do to install this library in Kontakt?


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    You should be able to locate the library, not install (Symphonic Choirs should be listed in Not installed section).

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    article showing the "Locate" button in Native Access (at the bottom)

    Installing Native Instruments Products on a New Computer – Native Instruments (

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    The problem is that I do not see this product in the Not Installed page of NA. There is no "Add Library" for Symphonic Choirs. This is what I see for installed products:

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    Oh, I may need to contact Account support here...

    Account & Registration – Native Instruments (

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    Time to grab the original installer and re-install I'd say.

    I looked it up, this instrument is made by East-West, see this website, so... I'd try to log onto their site and try to get the installer from them if you haven't stored this somewhere. After that you should be able to install the product, point Native Access to it and you're done.

    Thing is... some 3rd party instruments seem to be hosted on the NI website as well, but not all of them. So for some you need to install the instrument manually, add the serial to N.A. and then point it to the installed location.

    This is also a good example why it's always important to back up installers whenever you can.

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