How do i connect my Xone 4d to my Traktor pro 3.52 299 version?

Jay de la Haye
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Hi Folks!

I reaslly feel like an idiot. I have connected the two above and i can see that a lot of buttons and knobs do actually send a signal wich i can see on my monitor (at the top a little white spot that goes on when i press one)

However, i can't get the slides (from channel 1 to 4) to get connected with the slides on screen.

Also, many buttons, slides and knobs in the middle part of my Xone don't seem to send a signal to Traktor.

Can someone please tell me what to do? I don't even know how i may call this (i see a lot of terms passing by like Mapping etc) but don't know what that actually means.

Thanks a lot in advance, i hope to herar from you soon!


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  • Uwe303
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    you need to load a mapping in the settings, and set then come midi in and out, you can find mappings here or maybe on the xone website.


  • Uwe303
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    Here you have the manual and also a mapping, the mixer does not send midi cause it's a hardware mixer and you send all 4 decks individual outputs to the 4 channels of the mixer as far as I understand it. So you use traktor with external mixing mode and the on screen mixer from traktor will do nothing and you can use a screen setting that only shows the decks you'll use and the browser.


  • Afgaan94
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    Hi, i also have a 4D and i looking for a mapping to Traktor pro 3.2.4. The traktor bible is over. The official A&H mapping doesn't work well.

  • Stevan
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  • Uwe303
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    DJ Tech Tools is also a source for mappings, but the site is also down but they say it will be online after they changed some stuff. So maybe you look every few days.

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