Traktor Pro 3 crash mystery

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Hi there ,

I'm using macbook pro 18 ,15 inch. ,2,6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7. OS Monterey

latest version Traktor Pro 3 Audio 2 soundcard and X1 controller

Last gig , in the middle of the set I suddenly was out of the program in the App folder of NI

where I clicked Traktor PRO 3 to restart the software and was able to take off immediately again . When the muysic droipped out I quickly put on a vinyl , so sound was only out for 15 seconds , but still , not nice

The next day I had the same happen again. for no obvious reason.

When I Play I close all other programms , disconect wifi , antivirus, BT and everytning else . i also made sure before the gig that 20 of my hard drive was free.

Anybody had the same issue or knows what to do ?

I was thinking maybe to re install the software?

Any advice?





  • Karlos Santos
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Firstly, do not reinstall Traktor. This rarely solves an issue.

    It's more likely to be something that can be resolved by finding out the cause of the crash.

    Do you have a Crash Log? You can file it with support or they may send you a tool to analyse the log:

    Do you know which track you were playing at the time of the crash? Could it be the same track that has crashed Traktor again?


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