Traktor Pro 3 crash mystery

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Hi there ,

I'm using macbook pro 18 ,15 inch. ,2,6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7. OS Monterey

latest version Traktor Pro 3 Audio 2 soundcard and X1 controller

Last gig , in the middle of the set I suddenly was out of the program in the App folder of NI

where I clicked Traktor PRO 3 to restart the software and was able to take off immediately again . When the muysic droipped out I quickly put on a vinyl , so sound was only out for 15 seconds , but still , not nice

The next day I had the same happen again. for no obvious reason.

When I Play I close all other programms , disconect wifi , antivirus, BT and everytning else . i also made sure before the gig that 20 of my hard drive was free.

Anybody had the same issue or knows what to do ?

I was thinking maybe to re install the software?

Any advice?





  • Karlos Santos
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Firstly, do not reinstall Traktor. This rarely solves an issue.

    It's more likely to be something that can be resolved by finding out the cause of the crash.

    Do you have a Crash Log? You can file it with support or they may send you a tool to analyse the log:

    Do you know which track you were playing at the time of the crash? Could it be the same track that has crashed Traktor again?


  • pat46
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    Hi Karlos ,

    I bought a new refurbished macbook 32 GB , 1TB SSD , re installed Traktor Pro and still have this problem .

    I played a big festival last week -end and during the set while playing a new FLAC file Traktor PRO 3 stopped and I found myself in the app menu . Horrible , luckily it was a B to B set and my friend jumped in after 15 secs, but still very frustrating , I also upgraded my sound card to SS2 from Traktor Audio 1

    Wifi off , no other apps running , only play wav and flac files, that were imported from other macbook , so were analyzed on the other computer . All tracks now on the harddrive , plenty of free space , no hard disc connected

    could it be the X1 controller that bugs with Traktor pro 3 ,

    One strange thing when I analyze the tracks with MP3 scan and repair, all Flac files show as ERROR unknown file format, no supported tags in the file. Most of my wavs are listed as MPEG 1 layer and they al give stream errors. Tracks that he recognizes as wav show following error : unrecognized data at the end .

    Could this be the problem and how do I fix this . Because MP3 scan and repair doesn't fit anything when I ask too

    I don't have a crash report, but he install log show a lot of activity around the crash , apparently software notification manager was very active , service connection was invalidated is showing a few times ( my wifi was off ) could this be it ?

    Any further help would be appreciated


  • pat46
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    FYI The new macbook is on Big Sur , as again it's not clear that upgrading will help my problem. I have more confidence on an OS that 's bee running for a while

  • fanatax
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    the only way you're gonna know if it actually IS a hardware error:

    1) upgrade/update your macOS to the latest version.

    2) wipe your macbook completely via the macOS recovery options (access during booting up your macbook -> recovery mode -> google it if you don't know what i mean)

    3) your macbook should now be completely factory reset and have the latest macOS installed.

    4) make a fresh/clean install of traktor, do not import anything from another macbook or collection

    5) copy your physical .mp3 wav flac (you name it...) onto your macbook

    6) make traktor aware of the folder

    7) connect your dj hardware and play around 6 hours with traktor. before loading a track, you could analyse it first, or just load it into a deck, and after analysis load it again so that the auto-gain is properly set.

    8) should be stable! have fun! and do NOT install any antivirus on a macbook (in my opinion at least ^^)

    note: if traktor spits out errors during analysis of your tracks, throw away these files and get proper copies of the erroneous ones! do not use them.

  • pat46
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    Well I went even further the what you said . I bought a refurbished 2019 Macbook pro with 1TB SSD and 32 GB of Ram and only installed Traktor Pro 3 , no other apps and my imported music folders and Traktor Pro playlists.

    last version of Monterey istalled

    I continue to have occasional crashes and last party ( last week-end) after 7 hours of playing with Traktor PRO3 , my screen went completely red ad Ttraktor Pro 3 stopped, I restarted the computer , opened Traktor Pro 3 again and was able to continue .....

    I upgraded my soundcard as well to SSL+. from NI Audio 2 soundcard , what more can I do ?

    In console  I find following info :

    shutdown monitor log shows :

    Sampling completed, generating report...

    Security policies don't allow ddt.

    diagnostic report at time of crash:

    Command:     Traktor

    Path:      /Applications/Native Instruments/*/

    Identifier:   com.native-instruments.Traktor

    Version:     3.6.1 326 (3.6.1 326, Copyright © 2022 Native Instruments)

    Team ID:     83K5EG6Z9V

    Architecture:  x86_64

    Parent:     UNKNOWN [1]

    PID:       489

    Event:      wakeups

    Action taken:  none

    Wakeups:     45001 wakeups over the last 170 seconds (265 wakeups per second average), exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds

    Wakeups limit:  45000

    Limit duration: 300s

    Wakeups caused: 45001

    Wakeups duration: 170s

    Duration:    169.60s

    Duration Sampled: 143.33s

    Steps:      40

    Hardware model: MacBookPro15,1

    Active cpus:   16

    HW page size:  4096

    VM page size:  4096

    Fan speed:    2162 rpm

    Advisory levels: Battery -> 2, User -> 2, ThermalPressure -> 0, Combined -> 2

    Free disk space: 278.89 GB/931.55 GB, low space threshold 3072 MB

    Any more advise anyone ?



  • Djd
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    All weekend had crashed and after many years using traktor

    bye bye… for the money I get paid the only thing that matters to me is reliability

    seems virtual dj would be a better option and I would never use that software but it’s looking like they are taking the lead

    anyways off to recordbox again or aerator but I refuse to use software that just crashes

    bought a new Apple Mac M1 this week as I thought it was a older Mac issue

    nope… crashed on my last three gigs

    If Traktor sort this out or not… I’m off

    Tchau Traktor

    it’s been fun until you messed up the software for everyone!

    too many people experiencing this and many forums with the same issue and it can’t be all our setups especially seen as my Mac is a week old and it’s happened on intel and m1

  • c0nsul
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    Did you try repairing your installation via NaticeAccess?

    Did you check your collection file or settings file hasn't got corrupted?

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