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Hi. I have been struggling for over a week to get my NI Komplete 14 which I just bought installed on my PC. I cant get past downloading. It fails immediately, every time. Please help.


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    If it's failing immediately something's wrong in your setup. Maybe you should describe who and how it got installed on your PC because it doesn't sound like the did it correctly. If you bought it direct from some vendor you might need to contact their customer support.

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    Thank you Dragon.

    So, I own NI Komplete 10 Ultimate. I had it installed, and it worked, but my libraries were not showing all sounds. So, I tried to create a separate folder on an M.2 ssd to keep the libraries. I tried to link them after installing the latest version of of the Native Access tool. So I clicked download to get the rest of the libraries, and it immediately had that "download failed" error. each and EVERY time.

    Today I upgraded to NI Komplete Ultimate 14. Paid 399 USD for it. Tried downloading, aaaaaand download failed. I can't use the product I paid a small fortune for. I'm even considering completely wiping my root drive, and reinstall EVERYTHING. BTW, I did try set custom folders for all the different kinds of content (samples, libraries, VST). I went back to the default file settings, and I am still facing the same problem.

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    Wiping your root drive is a bit extreme, but I understand your frustration. The NI install/uninstall/reinstall process leaves a lot to be desired. The issue with Windows is that NI adds a bunch of settings to the Windows registry so even if you delete a folder on the drive, Native Access will still expect that library to be in a certain location because it's set in the registry. I'm guessing this is why you're still running into the same issues.

    It sadly may end up being easier to reinstall Windows and then the latest Komplete 14, but if you want to try and avoid a complete reinstall you can check this thread.

    Best of luck

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