Traktor Pro 3.11.1 released

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Dear Traktorists,

As you probably noticed in this post, we decided to quickly release a 3.11.1 bugfix update to solve a few hardware-related issues that our early adopters found in the latest update. This version is aimed at resolving recent issues with the S4 MK3, S2 MK3, S8, and X1 MK3. Thanks for your reports and your patience as we worked on implementing these fixes.

Stay tuned for the 2024 outlook, coming up next.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    We'll be keeping this thread open for 24 hours, until Friday afternoon CET. Feel free to drop in any questions or thoughts!

  • Krzysiek
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    Why Joe's Easton screen mod not work with newest version of Traktor Pro ? When install mod i run traktor and then app exit to windows. 🤔

  • viper9711
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    Are there plans that Traktor will enter into a collaboration with Soundswitch Lighting?

    Every other leading DJ software offers this today. I think this will bring a lot of new customers to NI.

    Are there plans for S4MK3 more shift-level pad modes like loop roll, pad FX for example?

    So far this has only been implemented by the well-known mods.

    That should be a small thing for the development team :)

  • Sûlherokhh
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    D2, F1, X1MK3 setup sofar working well. Stress testing will take some time. Although the FX assignments are not precisely the way i would like it (as implemented with D2), it is a LOT better than initially. Good job.

    One longstanding issue since 3.5/6 was the missing FLUX needle position on the waveform display (D2/S5/S8/S4MK3). It is now visible on the full length stripe, but is still missing on the moving waveform and particularly in Freeze Mode. Please address this as well.

  • lord-carlos
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    That mod messes with a lot of core Traktor files. The mod needs to be adjusted for each version of traktor. And Joe stopped doing so. Not much Traktor team can do about it.

    I think some people made it work.

  • Powersound
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    Is the memory leak found in 3.10 and 3.11 on Mac fixed in this version?

  • psyh0x
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    unable to update ..

    says download failed ..

  • lord-carlos
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    Is there something on the bottom that you can fold out for more error messages?

    And are you on a mac?

  • Stevan
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    It happened to me too today. Updated from a second attempt though. After restarting the NA.

  • psyh0x
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    yes im on mac

    yes i restarted native access..

    yest its still not updating ..

  • niq V
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    The patch notes don't mention whether the S8 cue button issue is fixed. Can we get confirmation that there IS a fix for this in 3.11.1? The only listed S8 fix is "FIXED Main mix is not audible in S8 headphones", which I didn't even know was an issue.

    For those unaware, 3.11.0 introduced a bug where pressing a channel's cue button did absolutely nothing, meaning you couldn't preview a track in your headphones. Absolutely kills DJ sets.

  • c0nsul
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    There is a thread about this issue.

    I resolved the problem by granting Full Disc Access for NativeAccess and NTK-daemon. After a re-start the update installed.

  • Pasha Li
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    and the display of folders in the browser on S5 and S8 has not been fixed, which makes it very difficult to work. it is also necessary to test the speed of analysis of the old folder in the latest version and in version 3.9.0 90 (it was the fastest analysis)

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