Nudging the whole grid (beat matching like Vinyl/CDJ's) on Maschine+

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Hey guys,

I want to use my Maschine+ in my DJ Sets like a drum machine, to implement rythems and add more groove to some tracks. I already tried it and stumbled upon a problem i dont know the answer to, maybe you guys can help?

My way of starting the pattern on the maschine is kind of similar to cueing on vinyl or CDJ's/XDJ's . I tap the restart button with the beat of my running track and at some point I "release" it by not pressing it again. Now I have to match my playing track on my XDJ to the maschine, this usually is not the problem. However when I add more than one deck to it, a second or third, it can get kind of messy beat matching wise. You know they all drift a slight amount away from each other so you always have to re-beatmatch and I have to match my tracks on the players to the maschine.

What I am looking for is a way to nudge my Maschine pattern instead of matching all my other one, two, three or four decks to my maschine. Just like you nudge on vinyl or CDJ's. When I play just the 4 Decks its no problem because I can nudge every playing track on the my XDJ's.

I would compare it to the time-/ time+ buttons on an Octatrak or an TR8-S.

Maybe you guys can help because I dont think this feature doesn't exist on the Maschine+. I just dont know how to do it ;)

Cheers and thanks in advance,




  • tetsuneko
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    Not surte if it exists on Maschine? I'd clock slave to an Elektron box if I needed that feature and use the Elektrons tempo bend controls (this would also make Maschine follow the bends). Not a good solution for those cramped DJ booths tho

    What you could do would be to temporarily increase / decrease Maschine bpm slightly by activating TEMPO and using SHIFT + Encoder, and then reset it once you have bent far enough.. but a bit fiddly

  • D-One
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    Maschine is simply not designed for that.

    IDK what DJ software you use they I'm petty sure all (at least Serato and Traktor) have a sync mode where if you change the BPM in one deck the other deck follows, including when nudging, so i'd start there and nudge on the HW/SW that is designed for that instead of trying to do it in Maschine.

    Or.. you can use Link to auto-sync Maschine's BPM to the Master BPM on your DJ SW.

    If you want to do it the hard way I guess you could enable BPM (next to the big knob), rotate it up/down then back to original value as sort of a fake nudge but that does not seem very practical.

  • Vic Angelo
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    I DJ with Maschine as a Deck all the time. Just Treat the Maschine as if you are "riding the pitch fader" on a Vinyl Deck.

    Bump UP or DOWN the TEMPO on Maschine by a few bpm, for a little bit. "Ride the pitch Fader" The exact same way you would beat match on a CDJ or Vinyl. It takes a little bit of practice but if you can do it on real Decks with your ears, you can do it with Maschine.

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