DVS or an HID Compatible CDJ

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I'm a new Traktor user, I've moved from Serato to Traktor a couple a days ago.

I'm currently sporting a Z2 Mixer, F1 and X1MK2. I'd like to add a more traditional deck mostly for beat matching and scratching down the line. I know I can do beat matching manually on the touch strip, and it's okay, but I'd like something a little bit more traditional as an option if possible. I really miss riding the pitch fader to be honest.

Which route should I go? Getting a turntable to use with DVS or getting an HID compatible CDJ?

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  • lord-carlos
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    Turntables might actually be cheaper. And let you play real vinyl.

    I say go for DVS.

    But if you want to play at a club at some point, it can be a good idea to know how to use CDJs.

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