Kontrol X1 MK3 Cue Toggle Mapping Question (how to)

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Here is a question for the Mapping Gurus.

I understand that all of the X1MK3's buttons can be overmapped via de Controller Manager. Also, right under the X1's Settings, you can choose for the shift button to toggle between Cue Points 1234 vs 56578. The problem with this is that I want to be able not only to SET and TRIGGER these cue points but also be able to DELETE them through a modifier. I seldom use the REV button, and wouldn't mind configuring it to toggle between Cue Points 1234 and 5678, and using SHIFT + CUE Point only for DELETING whatever cue point is assigned to a specific button according to the REV position.

Wouldn't mind having it the other way around either: Keeping SHIFT HOLD as toggle for 1234 vs 5678 and using REV for DELETING whatever cue pints are currently present in each button. The advantage I see about the first solution, is that the REV button would be dedicated to TOGGLE, so just quick pressing it would indeed TOGGLE, whilst with SHIFT you'd need to HOLD SHIFT + Cue Button in order to access the 5678 lot.

Now that I think of it, another solution would be to keep the REV button for REV function but holding SHIFT + REV toggles between cues 1234 & 5678. As simple as that. Then pressing each CUE would either set or trigger said cue, whilst SHFT CUE would delete it.

Can anybody think of a quick and practical way to implement a solution for this? Would hate to have to go through guesswork and individual mapping for each button on each deck.

Anyway, what I did try first is to ADD A MODIFIER to M1 and LEARNED that to the SHIFT button. Then I added in a mapping for DELETE CURRENT HOTCUE associated with REV and assigned the Modifier to 1. I also disabled the REV button's factory settings when SHIFT is pressed. Problem is that if I don't disable the factory presets for SHIFT, FLEX is triggered (which results in mayhem), and if I do, then the beatjump functionality is disabled, which of course will not do.

So a bit of tinkering is indeed necessary, or someone with more mapping experience's advice.

Thanks in advance!!


  • DJDL
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    Trying to delete this post, cause I got ahead of myself thinking I had solved it. Can only edit I think. Sorry for the unnecessary noise.

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    Can you please describe how you solved it, is it working now perfectly?

  • Stevan
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    Also in case that you didn't solve it, please create a video to describe what your mapping should do because the post is a bit confusing honestly.

  • DJDL
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    No, not solved yet.

    Here it goes again: I just want to dedicate the REV button to toggle between HOTCUES 1234 and 5678. That way pressing the assigned HOTCUE pads would either SET a HOTCUE or JUMP to that HOTCUE if it already exists. And SHIFT pressing the HOTCUE pad would DELETE the HOTCUE.

    If I wanted to keep the REV button's original function, then I'd map SHIFT + REV to the above function (toggle between 1234 and 5678), but then I'd have to disable the factory SHIFT + REV mapping, which is originally set to FLEX.


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    Problem there is, each time Siift is pressed dowm it will refresh the controller output and send what ever the native hotcue mapping is displaying. Almost like a hard coded send monitor state button.

    The best way to proceed is to override the shift button and then build the new shift layer the way you like it.

    Note that you will need to use one of the colors for the non-existing cue (deleted cue) since it is not possible to select black "color" with just basic mapping. I normally use red color for an empty cue slots.

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