Can I recreate Traktor Z1 knob filter in Ableton?

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I'm mixing a set from Traktor into Ableton but need to fix a section and would love to have the ability to re-create the main filter knob effect from Z1 in Ableton via a plugin if possible. Thanks!


  • zephry
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    Ableton has so many ways to adjust filters. And a few different main types to choose. The Autofilter in Ableton stock plugins probably has everything you would need to adjust and emulate the behavior of the Z1 filter in Traktor. But personally I would just find a sweet spot I liked and use it that way.

    Of course there are countless other Vsts out there and custom Ableton (adg. Files) racks people have made.

    I don't know if I would have the patience to adjust the filter cutoffs and resonance and possibly and an EQ to recreate it perfectly. Lol. I would probably start adding all kinds of effects and edits, the mix would just be an edit instead.

  • lord-carlos
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    z1 also has two types of filters.

    One clean one and one with resonance.

  • Patch
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    Autofilter is the one. Just adjust the resonance until it sounds similar to the Traktor filter.

  • Stevan
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    I remember making one with Remotify. The LP side was controlled by Remotify and the HP side was controller by Ableton macro.

    Otherwise, try "DJ Filter" plugins.

  • djhd
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    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!

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