MUTE not working using plugins w multiple audio outputs eg Stylus RMX

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I got Stylus RMX to send separate audio outputs to MASCHINE standalone. The plugin is on pad 1 in the group and 7 other pads are just routed to receive audio from instruments 2-7 in Stylus.

It all works and the faders in MASCHINE control the volume of each of the 8 stereo outputs from Stylus RMX correctly. However when attempting to use MUTE or SOLO to mute or solo any of these inputs nothing happens. The sounds from the Stylus RMX multi-outputs just keep being heard.

I also did a double check by replacing Stylus with EZ Drummer and again routing the separate instruments in EZD to separate channels ( pads ) in my group.

And again -mixer faders worked on on each drum sound in MASCHINE - but mute or solo buttons, whether via mouse or via the MASCHINE hardware .... did nothing.

What gives? is this a bug or a feature?



  • Tony Jones
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    Not connected to your problem, but just wondering how you find Stylus? I gather it's pretty old but a lot of people still swear by it.

  • darkwaves
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    Enable audio mute in the channel settings for each of those extra outputs. By default, maschine only mutes midi.

  • d0stenning
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    well I actually got it as a wanted a more accessible way to get Liquid Grooves - am still learning it - it does seem dated GUI wise for sure. And really I'm just trying to find/explore the best way of using it in a kind of "live" sense - not gig wise just to be able to try out ideas on the fly performance style that then turn into produced things/tunes/songs...

    And as part of that am still exploring how best to use inside MASCHINE and/or Ableton - workflow wise.

    Frankly not sure if it just doesn't complexity things too much -

    But on the plus side I love the fact that nowadays all the loops load up almost instantly - which of course isnt the case with browsing thru MASCHINE groups or NI instruments etc..

    so waffle over... Jurys out frankly

  • d0stenning
    d0stenning Member Posts: 22 Member

    Any chance you could walk me through that in more detail - or give a few screenshots of where I can look - or how to do this directly on the hardware ?

    ( thanks in anticipation )

  • Nikal Might
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    I don't understand why we need a separate control for muting audio. I understand mute means make no noise. I don't know any other DAW that does it this way and I don't know what problem it's supposed to solve. It's just an annoyance as far as I'm concerned. It's one more thing I need to do that I shouldn't have to.

  • darkwaves
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    Likely for performers. IMO, a lot of functions in maschine only make sense when you think about using it as a performance tool.

    If you have some sort of midi clip playing the same loop into some long reverb, delay or whatever, muting the pad would let the audio keep going while stopping the midi. If you had a piano on pad 1 playing a melody and midi on pad 2 sending chords to pad 1 (link groups), you could mute pad 1 to stop the melody while still keeping the chords going.

    You wouldn't have that kind of setup if composing in a DAW. There is no inherent logical organization like sounds > groups. Who cares if you have 30 tracks. In maschine; you might really, really want to keep 'tracks' organized. The routing is flexible enough to let you; and this kind of function allows you to take advantage of it.

    ...but that's just my 2 cents.

  • d0stenning
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    Makes sense, except if MASCHINE had really been designed intelligently for performance ( as well as production ) - once Komplete Kontrol arrived on the scene and folk ended up having many of these MASCHINE compatible devices - NI would have given us the option - jus like the option for audio mute - to have different keyboards and controllers assigned to - LOCKED TO - different channels or groups. Instead of the single-focus way of working, which clearly favours the creation productive phase but limits how users might want to use MASCHINE mk 3 and Komplete kontrol - and JAM together for live stuff.

    Of course this is *sort of* possible - but only if we put a KK keyboard into pure MIDI, ie "non-MASCHINE" mode - and have it just as a plain MIDI controller, losing all of that MASCHINE Screen graphic goodness etc etc...

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