iTunes and Traktor

I am an old Traktor user. For about 2 decades, I've used iTunes as my main music database and have had NO issues accessing my iTunes playlists directly from Traktor. It works like a charm for me and reduces my work by not having to do extra work. I categorize my tracks ONCE in iTunes and I am done.

With the discontinuation of iTunes, am not fond of Apple Music and I am looking for ways to replace iTunes. What other methods are people using that automatically show in Traktor. I started looking at MIXO, but I have "mixo" feelings about it.

Any constructive and knowledgeable input is appreciated.



  • Patch
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    Still using iTunes here mate.

    I did look at MusicBee (which can actually create an iTunes Library that Traktor can see and use!), but, ultimately, iTunes still does absolutely everything I need it to.

    I've stuck with v12.9.3.3. Works flawlessly.

    So, here's the thing. No need to move away from iTunes until Traktor takes away the integration with it. 😁

  • c0nsul
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    I´m curious what your problems are with Apple´s Apart from its name and the confusion about the streaming service and the app.

    I relied on iTunes as music management, too. During the transition from iTunes to there were some hiccups, issues and bugs. But now it works the same way as iTunes did (for me) and I rely on´s music/playlist management.

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