Why is my Mikro MK3 not able to function as a MIDI controller in Reaper?

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Am I daft? I have the instrument connected. It lights up as it's being hit. When I open any drum machine VST, the Mikro is mute. It will not register any audio hit on any pad. I have been looking this up a long time. No success story for Reaper. I can open the Maschine software fine in Reaper. But I was really hoping this product could serve my need primarily as a 16 pad drum controller for Reaper. My 8 pad Akai keyboard registers MIDI hits from drum machines just fine.

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  • TheOneTrueAJ
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    I got response now. It was the output needing to be the MK3 too.

    Now, I would like to use drum machine sounds that I have in Reaper with my Maschine. The sounds are on VST instruments. They are not samples. Is there a way I can assign single notes of various instruments to the various 16 pads in MIDI mode?

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    You can assign a note and MIDI channel to each pad. Set each VST to receive on a different MIDI channel then assign a pad to that channel with the correct note to play the sound you want. In Reaper you then send the MIDI from Maschine to every VST.

    -- Mike


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