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where can I find a Midi Implimentation Guide for the Maschine MK3 with SysEx informations to create a Midi remote script for cubase using/progamming the displays?





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    your best bet is downloading the controller editor pdf...

    the controller editor or the Mk3 does not send sysex messages...

    sysex however can be triggered by a midi CC through software that can send sysex messages

    so basically

    Mk3 sends Midi trigger(note/CC etc) ----> software receives midi trigger & sends sysex message out to device

    again maschine MK3 cannot send Sysex


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    So Cubase or a user extension/script would need to be able to receive a midi message from the MK3 and then send the sysex message out to the device that requires it

    The NI controller editor provides a means of configuring which type of midi message on whichever pad/button or knob you wish to assign it (whilst in midi mode)

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    my advice would be invest in Bomes midi Translator Pro

    it is the amongst the best midi tool out there

    as the application will sit as the middleman between MK3 and any DAW or could bypass a DAW altogether

    this type of flexibility is best option in the long run for dealing with sysex and midi incoming and outgoing, as you get 8 virtual ports to pipe midi!!

    good luck!!

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    Thanks for the Answers.

    What i want to do is to write a Script which sends sysex data to show track names or change a vumeter Display.

    the kontrol Editor let me change the normal Midi Setting Like Control or Note. But there is no Information about Programming the displays or names.

    p.s. Sorry for german autocorrection 😀

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    They dont share info on how the displays work, it's all proprietary stuff. Some protocols like MCU/Mackie have been reserve reverse engineered long ago, depends exactly what you want to do.

    Basically if you want to "program the displays" you're on your own and need quite a bit of development knowledge as this is not trivial.

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    i recall changing the display names of the 8 top buttons on the mk2 controller also the encoder names... which should be the same on the Mk3...that is entirely achievable within pages whilst in midi mode

    With VU metering... you are better off using Maschine in standalone... and using a virtual audio port to pipe the sound you want the VU's to monitor via the maschine software inputs...

    this of course is limited becos Maschine only allows 4 stereo inputs or 8 mono inputs

    It is for this reason the Maschine Jam is valuable.... becos you can tap into the touchstrip LED's as a midi input and pipe the peak levels inside to show the VU/LED movement simultaneously using it as a volume control as well... and with the right software... you can map the incoming audio from literally any source to reflect it on the LED's

    The visual feedback of 8 led touchstrips is the real gem of the maschine Jam controllers!!

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    I am not 100% sure, but MIDI OX is freeware and it is also able to send sysex, no?

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    i do know with midi-ox you can push sysex to upload to midi units...

    also i do believe it is able to send sysex

    whether you have as much configurability to convert/interpret sysex's is another matter, but sending definately

    i've used it in the past, and becos its free thats a bonus...

    Bomes translator pro is ultimately a better investment long term, as the configurations you can do with Keyboard/macros/midi/executing scripts/mouse control... removes limitations many people on these forums moan about... that said

    aint nothing wrong with free!! *winks

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