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Hi Y'all!

I spend a lot of time here talking to folks (primarily, although not exclusively in the Komplete Kontrol area).

But for all the talk about gear, a crucial piece of context is missing...

...What do we actually DO with our gear?

That, after all, is WHY we're here.

I was rather hoping any interested users could post a link to their music, so that we can better humanize one another, and get inspired by one another's creativity.



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    Finally, yes, to the point!

    What we do with our gear is the most important part, and not when the next update will come etc. etc. It looks like (i don't say it is, i say "it looks") many users are care more to constantly update and explore "features", rather than create music... I hope i am wrong (and possibly i am), but, if i am right, this would be very disappointing...

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    Jurgen Klopp announced today that he's leaving Liverpool at the end of this season. I am distraught, so any new music will be filled with all of the tears for a few weeks.

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    good idea a special forum all about are music production, composing etc affter all thats why we got all this software and gear ,mic ,speakers, monitors, keyboard, interfaces ,music theory ,DAWS

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    Well I have a few things in mp3 and wav, but I can't upload either to YT and neither extension is allowed on this forum so I'm not sure how else to share. It's nothing crazy though, nothing finished, just some riffs and loops.

    Edit: After consulting my producer (my son) lol he helped me upload a few things to BandLab.

    Here's a few random things, I've done with the NI keyboard and their virtual instruments. None of this stuff is what I would considered "finished" or even close. It's just me messing around with music, which is what I enjoy doing in my free time. That being said, happy to listen to any constructive feedback on how to expand my skills.

    Electronic, using the built-in arp, swing and repeat/offset of the Kontrol MK3

    Kontrol MK3 unfortunately I can't recall the library

    Quick little beat I made while trying to learn Maschine. Used the So Bossy kit.

    This is cover of the Keyboard Kitty song that's popular on YT. I did a "sad" version using Noire: Basic Felt, and the Stradivari Cello. This was really just me learning how to combine multiple instruments in Ableton Live using melodic and chords.


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    Sorry but I aint into all this "sharing" that's trendy on the internets. If you want to hear my music, come visit me in my studio ;)

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    This entire album "Dark Matter Evolution" was completely composed and arranged using Maschine Mk3. In addition to NI plugins I do use "UVI Falcon" and "Omnisphere" as well as some Valhalla effects. But it does show to good degree what is possible with Maschine Mk3. After mixing in Maschine I exported to Logic Pro X for final mastering. Big thanks to Freelance SoundLabs for NKS libraries for Falcon and Omnisphere. I released this project in Feb 2020. Enjoy!

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    I make music for my pleasure. I can spend weeks with just me playing without ever recording a note.

    I spent 3 hours the other night with just one sound and me twisting two knobs on my controller lol

    Sometimes I enjoy recording, usually so that I have something more substantial to play along to. I often make a song then abandon it and move on to something else. I don’t think I’ve bothered to actually keep one song over the past decade, reformatted windows this week and reloaded everything, I had my presets etc backed up, but didn’t bother with my songs, simply deleted them.

    That may sound horrendous to some of you, but I had fun I’m my youth in various bands, now I’m retired due to ill health and music is a therapy that I enjoy playing alone, it helps me through the day. Often I don’t even turn my monitors on so even my wife doesn’t get to hear what I’m playing, I just use the headphones.

    I have zero desire to master a song and stick it online, if I wanted to create music for others, I’d join a band again.

    That said, I do enjoy listening to what others have created and shared

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    hi, I am an African-Italian artist based in Australia, I'm a producer rapper and occasionally singer, I am also a huge NI fan boy, I think I never made a song without a NI product involved in the production in the last 10 years probably even more hahaha here my YouTube channel, I am a small artist but I had some satisfactions over the years, I guess I'm one of those that almost made it, my mum still lives in the ghetto hahaha (JK)

    you will not find Mozart here, but I have fun in doing what I do! (if you have a spare M+ or a S49 I know a guy that needs it! never know I say it.. it may manifest hahah). thanks!!

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    here is my debut album hip hop produced strictly with the maschine mikro and mk3. i did everything on it- wrote, produced, recorded and tried to mix it. took a lot of stopping and starting to complete it.

    i am working on a new album- just hoping to improve with each release.

  • vatsalmandaliya24
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    Hello Folks!

    This is a short BackGround Music which i've composed and produced only and only using Komplete Ultimate Instruments (Damage, Symphony Essentials Brass, Session Strings). Just listen and share your feedbacks!


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