Updating via Native Access to a new Mac is needlessly maddening

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I recently got a new Mac and for various reasons wasn't able to fully port my old software & set up to it. It is wonderful that Native Access remembers what I've bought etc. It is great that there is a "Locate" option so that I don't have to reinstall all the library I have downloaded to a remote disk. What is mindbogglingly stupid is that I can't just choose my root folder (e.g. DriveName / Native Instruments) as my Locate folder and reuse that for all 223 items. If I do that, I get a "Path is Invalid" error. Seriously? You can't just look for the "[Instrument name] Library] in the contents of that folder?

Nope, instead I need to manually click "Locate", then click "Choose a location", then go up a level to my root "Native Instruments" folder, then search through 100s of Library files and click on the right one, then click "Confirm."


Can someone fix this please? Can I send y'all a bill for my hourly rate while I'm at it? Sheesh.



  • jimc
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    (And heaven forbid I accidentally choose the wrong folder. I can't just choose another folder and try again. Instead I have to Close the window and start from scratch. Who designed this?)

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    As I keep saying, unfortunately, the clunkiness of new Native Access is beyond measure. I really do not want to offend any of NI coders, but this is embarrassing, to say the least. Native Access lacks several functions we all take in 21st century for granted. Installing/uninstalling/relocating should be basic functionality, really.

    You have rewritten this app from scratch, what's holding you back?

    Also, it's well beyond time to get rid of Rosetta already. If your installers still need it, as you say - then rewrite the installers.

    And it's not just Mac, your Windows coding also leaves a lot to be desired, as evident by looking at all the trouble with firmware updating on Mk3 series.

    And it's always somebody's else's fault: Apple, Microsoft, USB chipsets, Pedal manufactures, etc. God forbid to say it's actually your responsibility, never heard that from NI...

    I will be buying Mac Studio this Autumn and I’m dreading the installation of all Komplete 14 UE and Maschine plus expansions on it.

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