Traktor randomly changes the BPM of halftime songs. How do I prevent this?

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So when I import and prep my tracks I change halftime tracks to double the BPM. i.e. a dubstep song that is analyzed at 70 bpm I change to 140.

Infuriatingly, sometimes when I load a track I have done this to it changes it BACK to 70 bpm which can completely screw me over when trying to quickly mix into something else at 140.

How do I prevent this?


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  • Ryan_NI
    Ryan_NI Customer Care Posts: 191 mod
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    Hey there - to get the track to the desired tempo, you can use the /2 or x2 buttons below the track deck as shown here:

  • Karlos Santos
    Karlos Santos Member Posts: 136 Advisor
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    Also, if you apply the LOCK on tracks after analysis, Traktor won't ever change the BPM.

    You can set the range that Traktor uses to apply BPM on analysis. It might be advisable to change it to 98-195 if you are analysing D&B tracks or lower for Dubstep. It's something that is a personal choice so have a play around with it: Preferences -> Analyse Options.


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