Mixed in Key10 / TRAKTOR PRO 3 (Cue Points Intégration)

Hello, I am using TRAKTOR PRO 3.11 under WIN10 and MIXED IN KEY 10.
 I cannot import the CUE Points generated by MinKEY into traktor pro3...
 do you have any advice or  procedure??


  • Harald Walker
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    Verify the settings. After the Traktor update the paths are for 3.11 and mixed it key might still use the 3.10 paths.

  • Pascal DALEME
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    I've found solution here :

    Traktor Pro 3 & Mixed in Key Cue Points How to

    DJ_DichOtomy Member Posts: 19 Member

    June 2023 edited June 2023

    If you are using mixed in key and trying to get your cue points that it auto generates into Traktor and are having a difficult time, even though you are following the tutorial on their website, well I'll tell you exactly what you need to do.

    I remember being so frustrated trying to get the cue points to show up in Traktor. The tutorial on their website did not work and I could not find any help on the web. To make matters worse, Mixed in Key support was completely worthless and insisted that I follow the tutorial on their site, which I had several times and it didn't work. I was able to find one you tube video where someone showed how to get cue points in Traktor 2 but that didn't seem to help me either.

    Anyways, if you're having this issue, here it is:

    1) Analyze your songs in Traktor making sure you are setting the beat grids, getting BPM, and whatever else you want, but leave the key analysis off. This is for new songs, if your collection is already beat gridded then skip this step.

    2) Add your songs to mixed in key, let it do its thing.

    3) Okay that was the obvious stuff, after Mixed in Key has done it's thing and has finished updating your music collection, you can now open up traktor again. DO NOT run the "check consistency" instead right click your track collection and you want to click "import another collection"

    4) Navigate to where your Traktor music database is ( default is"My Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor 3.xx\collection.nml" ) and in that folder you will see a file called "bkp.nml", it will have the same size and time stamp as"collection.nml" Click on "bkp.nml" and let Traktor do it's thing, when it asks whether you want to use "File or Collection Tags" select collection tags.

    It may take a while depending on the size of your collection, it's going to re copy all your stripe files but just let it finish and when it's done your cue points will be with your songs now.

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