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I'm trying to fancy up my existing primary ensembles to use the Core Envelopes based on the Core Envelope toolkit (why didnt anyone tell me they existed!), but having no success in getting the Core AHDSR to work. Some questions on how to use em:

  • The bend settings for envelope curves want a value from -10 to 10
  • A gate signal from the Primary level requires the addition of a "Gate From Prim" macro between the input and the G inlet of the AHDSR macro (because the core macro expect a whole bundle of Gate-related info, not just a single event, right?)

But what are the "time constants" the A, H, D, and R inputs expect to see? Seconds? Milliseconds? Samples? Audio or Event? INT or FLOAT?

Are you supposed to use the Core AHDSR output exactly like a Primary env, ie. using it as a multiplier in a multiply block? All I get is 0..

I must be missing something super obvious..

TIA for any insight


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    What i can answer for sure right now, are the "time constants" of the A, D, S and R

    The envelope times are specified in logarithmic scale, like this:

    0 = 1 ms

    20 = 10 ms

    40 = 100 ms

    60 = 1 sec

    80 = 10 sec

    They are always events, not audio, and their signal type is Float

  • tetsuneko
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    thanks for that.. Unfortunately, I am still unable to get the envelope to output anything πŸ€”

    If anyone has some example ens file that uses the env toolkit AHDSR, I could take a peep, maybe then I'd know what I'm doing wrong..

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    It's easier if you post your example that doesn't work.

  • tetsuneko
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    I can post it later, but it was just a blank "proof of concept" ens, containing one triangle osc primary module, gate and notepitch, and a primary multiplier to act as a VCA for the envelope. Then I had knobs connected to the ADSR settings, and that "Gate From Prim" between the bundle input of the Envelope toolkit AHDSR core macro. The core macro outputs nothing upon receiving gates (at least according to a numeric readout I attached to the output). If I connect a primary ADSR to the same gubbins, it works as expected.

    I think I need to start hanging out in the Reaktor discords again...

  • tetsuneko
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    Here's the ens

    A couple screenshots to accompany this one. This is how its wired when you open it up, everything works

    ..but then, if I change the envelope to the core macro one..

    I no longer get sound.

    Here's what the core macro looks like from the inside, its pretty barebones:

    EDIT: OMFG I am a moron! The core macro output is set to "Event", not "Audio"! πŸ™ˆ

    As soon as I set it to "Audio" everything works..

    Mods, feel free to delete this thread πŸ€—

  • Michael O'Hagan
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    You can also re-clock the core cell to function at the primary control rate, in larger structures this can save a significant amount of CPU.

    Just use the system info module and port the CR into the core cell, then use the primary cr converter and attack it to the core cells clock input.

  • tetsuneko
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    Will that result in envelopes which are no longer calculated on a per-sample basis? Or just reduces the rate by which the control parameters get updated to the module?

    I am looking into the core envelopes because I want access to the "bend" controls for the stages for maximum "snappy"

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