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I had an issue with conneting my S2MK3 to my PC in the past 3 months. .I needed to ''play'' a bit with the cable and the port in order for the program to regognise the controler.But sometimes with more effort some times with less at the end the program regognised the controler. When that happend all the lights of the controler turned on in a sequence and after that the essential lights remained on and I could control the program through my gear.

If anyone knows the S2MK3 it is a bit rough to plug in and out from the port the cable .The program I use is Traktor PRO 3

So at one point the program didnt regognise the controler at all and despite all my efforts ,untill even now, I didnt manage to make it work.

I changed cables and ports but the result was the same . At one point all the lights turn on with the usual sequence and then nothing . The lights turned off , the USB sound from the pc rings, so instatly it finds the controler and the it loses signal or to say it more correctly power. The same happens when I use the power line cable . Lighs turn on and then off .

I tried to use another S2MK3 from a friend of mine and the result was the same and this is something that made me very curious.At the end lights torned on then off and the proggram couldnt see the gear .

Also another friend of mine lend me an older traktor console and the program didnt regognise it and neither any lights turned on.

Is it a hardware issue from what you read in my description or may it be software , windows , antivirus etch issue ?

Are there any official usb port spare parts sold anywhere ?


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    If 3 different controllers are not recognized by your computer it is definitely your computer that has the issue.

    Have you all the current updates from Native Access? The Traktor program Controller Editor updated. Make sure that is current. You can install the latest update manually here just to be sure.

    Also check to see if USB ports work on other things like external drives possibly any other midi controller you can find or borrow.

    Make sure you have the controller also plugged in to a working outlet as well the laptop plugged in.

    Check for any Bios or special updates or fixes through your computer Support Application or online.

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    Dear zephry thank you for the fast responce. I forgot to mention that I plug it as well in a different PC to check if it the port the cable or the port of my laptop and the outcome was the same . The controler turned on for a sec , the pc made the sound of USB connecting and then it disconected , same as in my laptop .Also made the sound of USB disconecting.. The other issue you mention, not being able to connect a different controler is propably my laptops fault and I Will make the updates you mention!

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