Help - Cannot install software for TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 HW

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Hey, i have been waiting for a software update for a very long time for my: TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 HW hardware. I have a Mac OS Sonoma M1 and bought my Traktor kontrol perhaps 10 years ago. I cannot install the software. Anyone with the same problem who know how to fix it?

The file i have dowloaded and that im trying to install is: "Traktor Kontrol S4 2.8.0 Installer Mac"

Im out of options and i now wonder if i really need to just throw my old firend into the trashes.

Thanks for helping out!




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    Hi Sulherokhh, thanks for replying. yeah - i have read all of these articles unfortunately. According to the info on the page you are reffering to, it looks like it should work (that compability works). But when downloading the installation file and trying to install it. It simply says that it doesnt work and that i should contact the software developer.

    I mean, the installation file is also from 2015... seems very old?! Or should i donwload another file than what is presented in the legacy register?


    "Traktor Kontrol S4 Driver 2.8.0 - Mac OS X 10.9 - 10.11DriverInfo23.09.2015537.1kB"

    Would be great with some clarity :)

  • Sûlherokhh
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    This is what Sonoma is compatible with:

    Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 / MK3

    This is the MK2 (compatible):

    This is the MK1 (not compatible):

    You only mentioned this descriptor: 'TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 HW'

    Also you downloaded the software for MK1. Either you downloaded the wrong SW or you have the MK1.

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    And s4 mk1 probably comes with Traktor 2 pro, which also does not work on modern mac any more.

    You would need s4 mk2 at least with traktor 3 pro.

    Or use windows.

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