Maschine Jam's shift button functionality for custom mapping

Looks like it does not send any midi, you need to use another button, maybe auto for that purpose?

Is there any use for shift, then? Looks like it does not modify button msg?


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    There must be some way to change it. I was doing some testing to reply to your question. When I use the standard template, like you mentioned the shift button doesn't sends MIDI data, but it does send USB bulk data traffic so perhaps this is how Maschine understands shift is being pressed.

    However when I load the Ableton Live 11 template, now the shift button sends an NI SysEx message

    And Ableton Live is able to understand that the shift button is being pressed. I'll admit that I don't know how to create these templates, but it's at least a start. I'll continue to look into this as I think this would greatly extend the useful life of the Jam.

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    Thank you for looking into this, much appreciated.

    Good to know the standard template does send out something because in the config I am using, one included to Great Space Robot mapping for MJ, shift is the only button I think which is greyed out and does not respond to double clicks. The same happens in Ableton live 10 and 10 M4L version.

    So it might do the trick to get the standard template for AL 11 and use BOMES or equivalent to convert sysex to notes or cc?

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    I'll be honest, I'm not familiar at all with BOMES. And I've just been using the JAM as a generic MIDI controller for the most part. I'm fairly new-ish to the whole music scene, DAWs and scripts and what not. But I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

    My background is more in electronics hardware, reverse engineering, programming etc... which brings me to something I thought was worth mentioning. When I was trying to figure out what was causing the shift button to send SysEx messages in the AL 11 template, I saw that there was a folder with several .pyc scripts. These are compiled python files which are trivial to decompile and understand. Of course on a Mac the decompyle program failed so I'll have to try it in an Ubuntu VM to see if I can recover the original python code. There was a file called ModifierComponent.pyc that I thought might be the code responsible for the shift button.

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    Okay, now I realise I was mistaken. Shift does send signals also in non-ableton scripts, only it can't be configured as other buttons.

    Here is the shift-triggered signal

    and here 1 - 8 and A-H

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    Traktor does not understand system exclusive messages you could however convert SysEx in to standard Note or CC by using Bomes Midi.

    Basically use that signal to open and closte a Preset in Bome and use Bome virtual midi cable to send out something that Traktor can undrstand.

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