can i share products (instruments etc)

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I ask myself, iv it is possible to transfer "how often I want" (share) Expansions, Instrumets etc?

The idea is to buy with a fried one Synthesizer (DIVA) and if one or the other want to use the Synth - me or him send the registrations number ...

someone has an idea how legal it is ? or possible ?



  • Milos
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    Maybe this link can help you do something similar.

    How to Request a License Transfer ID to Sell Your NI Product – Native Instruments (

    However, don't do this now, as there will be a maintenance that will last 4 days due to the NI website going under some changes and bugs.

  • goodwedder
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    thx, no worry. its far in the future .. but Im interested.

    ps I like the NI Community more than AKAI .. haha ..


  • Milos
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    Peace to you too, good sir!

    God bless you!!

  • Kubrak
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    It is probably legal, but NI may slow down the transfer. Transfer is not very fast, it takes few hours in best case. It may take few days in worse case.

    And beside that. If the transfer is within 60 (or maybe even 90) days since registration, one has to open Support Ticket, describe what you want and wait. It may take days.... And if licence ping-pong will be repeated several times, it could take even longer.....

    But, if you buy HW with bundled SW and transfer it, SW will stay at your account. If then friend transfers it back, you both might have bundled SW. No guarantie, better to ask Support beforehand.....

  • Triggi
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    Hi goodwedder,

    you can install purchased products from NI on 3 different maschines. But you are allowed to use only one maschine at time.

    So you can "share" the products.

    Have a nice day!

  • MartinHines
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    U-he product licenses for a product like DIVA are for a single person.

    You can not buy a single license and share it between multiple people:

  • Triggi
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    So you see, it depends on vendor and his license. For example Plugin Alliance licenses are for installing and useing 3 maschines at same time. In Difference to NI.

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    Not getting into whether you can or should do it, the answer to the question "is it legal?" is no, by my reading of the EULA.

    (emphasis below added by me)

    The relevant section about use on multiple machines:

    3.3 Licensee may install and personally use the licensed software on three devices (e.g. one computer, one laptop, one workstation), provided that the said software is used only on one device regularly. Simultaneous use on more than one hardware device is not permitted. The Products may not be used on a network by multiple users, unless each user possesses a license.

    They are also explicit regarding use by anyone other than you and the intended use of license transfers:

    3.6 Third Parties

    a) Renting or lending the licensed Software to a third party is expressly forbidden.

    b) Except if otherwise stated within this EULA, Licensee may resell the software to a third party or transfer the software permanently free of charge, provided the third party agrees in writing with this EULA and Licensee ceases all use of the software.

    That's for NI products. But there will almost certainly be similar license terms for other vendors under the Native Instruments umbrella. E.g. if you read the Plugin Alliance EULA you will find that it has the same terms for use on multiple computers and transfers.

  • Triggi
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    You are absolutely right! I oversaw the "personal use"! Excuse me for this fail!

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