Add a pause between songs in autoplay?

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Hello everyone! πŸ™‚

Do you know if with Traktor pro it is possible to pause (in seconds) between songs in autoplay?

My goal is to play autoplay songs, with a 5 second pause between the next and the last song.

I'm a tangodj, so I don't need to mix the songs, but I need to play them entirely and give the dancers a few seconds from song to song to regroup.

Thanks 😊



  • wayfinder
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    Easiest way is probably to make a 5 second long silent mp3 and put it between the tracks. I don't think you can specify it in the autoplay settings.

  • Karlos Santos
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    edited April 2022

    Traktor's Cruise Mode doesn't have the ability to do what you ask.

    As mentioned above, you could create an audio-less track that is 5 seconds long and put it in the playlist before and after each track. Traktor will play it like any other track.

    You could make a track in Traktor with the Audio Recorder simply by pressing record for 5 seconds. It will record no sounds and you could save that as your segue track.


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