Was the Maschine update nothing but a dream?

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In early February, I remember an announcement from NI stating that some fantastic Maschine update full of impressive modifications we've all been waiting for was scheduled for early to mid March... Our hearts were full of hope and expectation. The wildest rumors circulated about what sensational changes would be included in the promised update.

Houston we have a problem! It is now April and I'm afraid we only have empty promises to update Maschine's software. I guess there is nothing we, "customarius vulgus" can do but wait and wait and once again, hope for the best...



  • frawal
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    I know it is very much real but unfortunately way too elusive for my Maschine to tell me it's real... Anyway, thank you for your answer Matt 😀

  • Peter Harris
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    I agree wholeheartedly. Yes, it was disappointing that the update was delayed but from my community support experiences so far with NI and its users here in the last year, I am 100% confident that if after announcing it was around the corner and then having to postpone, that decision would not have been taken likely and was in our best interests.

    So thank you @Matt_NI and whoever else was involved in that very difficult decision, for being grownups and making a very tough choice. And in doing so saving us from what would inevitably have been weeks of disaffected and disproportionately-vehement user complaints on this forum.

    And who knows, maybe the development team will use this extra time to throw in a couple extras from our top future requests as a bonus? 😉 We can always dream...

  • TheLoudest
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    @Peter Harris wrote:

    And who knows, maybe the development team will use this extra time to throw in a couple extras from our top future requests as a bonus? 😉 We can always dream

    hehe I thought the same thing...so I guess I am a dreamer too 😉

  • Triggi
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  • latoxine
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    I'm a dreamer too, but unfortunatly I think that NI will keep the interesting features a lot of us are waiting for, for the maschine + V2.

    Even if the maschine + could technicly handle it. Market rules.

  • Rico010
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    Me dreaming too, maybe they want to release it with native M1 support, and that is the reason for taking longer. Could be a good surprise for Mac users like me

  • Kubrak
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    I guess not. Traktor for M1 is sheduled to 3Q. And it has problems running multicore. Maschine needs to run multicore very well. Big.little might need to ne fine tuned.... All this takes time. Lots of time.

  • countrymetalman
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    Give free some old Expansions as a gift for Maschine+ users with the new update as a compensation, its fair i think!

  • frawal
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    What do you feel you need to be compensated for exactly?

  • djneural
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    Even with the headings faced by the dev teams, this update that will come one day, gave me a lot of hope about the product.

    As it shows the team has focus on stability and it's always OK to delay a firmware for that, even if it means a few weeks of delay.

    Also, honestly after the features we get with this update (I asked and dreamed of Auto-sampler made the open way with .wav files and it happens !), there is no much more I would need from a groovebox like the M+, my last two areas of improvement other than stability and performance are these two :

    • Open-up the user sample management : full free directory browsing/search and allow creation of user expansions (with tagging, adding presets to PADs, art and everything)
    • Add vocal FX : auto-tune/pitch + vocoder

    And since there are only two areas of improvement remaining as far as I'm concerned, I have the feeling they're both attainable objectives in terms of features, with a bit of patience as stability and performance will always come first.

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