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CHRIS HUME Member Posts: 21 Member

Finally took the plunge on your uvi offer - 3 whole days I’ve waited for a response with access to download my goodies- 3 days and counting . Used the chat facility on NI website to ask the question but no response. All I need is the serial number !!!!You got my money, where’s my stuff!!!


  • Milos
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    Do you have the serial number of UVI products?

    Maybe you can just copy paste the serials into Native Access and that should be no problem...

    Let me know if it helped,

    CHRIS HUME Member Posts: 21 Member

    No no serial numbers have been sent by UVI That’s the issue

  • rogerbaudet
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    Normally, Native Instrument says:

    To download and use your UVI instruments, you need a UVI and iLok account. Following your purchase, you will receive a serial number via email that must be entered in the UVI Portal App to complete activation.

    Have you checked your 'junk' mail?

    Personally, I've been trying to contact the Native Instruments hotline for over 15 days for another problem. I've never received the slightest reply!

    Not very professional!

  • Milos
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    Oh...maybe someone else can help you then...

    Maybe I am the wrong person for the job...


    Have a nice day!

    CHRIS HUME Member Posts: 21 Member

    4 days now and still counting , yet still no serials sent by UVI

  • Milos
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    The maintenancse will last until 22nd of January, I think.

  • reffahcs
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    The email doesn't come from UVI, it comes from Native Instruments with the subject "How to download and install your UVI products."

    The instructions are pretty straight forward but it's a bit of a process, happy to walk you through it if you get stuck and need help. Try searching your inbox and/or spam folder for UVI and looking for the email above. It's easy to miss since you will probably have to scroll down to see your serial number.


    CHRIS HUME Member Posts: 21 Member

    Have not received this email , checked spam etc ,

  • minbarone
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    I too had a long wait. I sent two support tickets (good luck getting a human) and threatened to have my credit card handle. I got an e-mail which said that "the problem is considered resolved" with no clear indication as to what they meant by resolved. My serial numbers magically appeared at the bottom of my online account in "My Products, Serials & Downloads" under the "Third Party Products" heading.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, the UVI Portal sucks at installing. I recommend downloading from here: https://www.uvi.net/my-products sry...I couldn't post an actual link as I'm new to the forum)

    Got it done in an hour. I've been (unsuccessfully) using the Portal for a week; the app times out frequently--I was able to download one of the smaller files.

    CHRIS HUME Member Posts: 21 Member

    got to say that this has been the most traumatic installation Ive done and Ive done hundreds of them through native access

    finally after 6 days I get access to the serial to download through the uvi portal, all done and all working now in uvi worksation, however despite a quirky email fro NI telling me that NI have loaded UVI bundle in my native access, just refresh it and it will be available

    ...........after 3 days they have not got it available in native access, so therefore how do I get the KK availability with my SMk3 keyboard - even the serial i used with UVI that is registered in my NI account is only 20 digits , not the compatible with the 25 required in the add serial option in Native Access

  • Kymeia
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    The NKS installers are also available through UVI Portal eg

    No idea why someone told you any of them would be available from Native Access, I think that was a misunderstanding and it is clear from the email reffahcs posted that is not what NI was telling you to do. These are UVI products, NI was just hosting their sale as NKS partners.

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